Company Profile

We are the sourcing arm of the baby products from the world wide leading market. The best quality and the reasonable pricing is our aim of goal and passion for the business practices.

An ongoing part of our work at BoFung involves helping leading manufacturing to develop the most successful route-to-market startegy and penetration for their new products. We are supplying the market's needs of baby related products in this fast growth and demanding industry.

All products of Bo Fung Toys & Gifts have met the international safety requiremnets of EU, ASTM and CE; we have satisfied baby and children's emotion. We have got excellent reputation and continue with our strengthen to develop more comfortable and safer baby and children's products.

Our factories are mainly located at Thailand, South Korea and China. Our main market will be Korea, Japan, China, Sri Lanka, India, Hong Kong and Macau.


Asia market is going through a lot of change in the modern trade. This change has been driven by baby boom and the openness of the Asia economy, especailly on China/India. Bo Fung has a very important part to play in this process of change, as a force that can help reducing the impact of increased competition on the small retailer, the so-called "online and one-staff" stores.

Bo Fung is also introduced credit card enable business for WHOLESALER and it helps the small retailers on their limited cash flow; We give the small retailer the ability to buy the products that they sell in their shops at a lower price than they could anywhere else. They can shop at one destination to match for their needs to negotiation with half of the suppliers in the world.

No one can supply them cheaper. This allows them to compete more effectively with the large retailer which has much more negotiating power when buying direct from manufacturers. In this environment, Bo Fung becomes an even more important player, because we become a key competitive advantage for the small retailer as their cheapest source of supply.